Impact 100 SRQ

Support Opportunities

How You Can Support our Mission

There are several ways to support our mission such as sponsoring an event, sponsoring a member or employee of your organization to join Impact100 SRQ, or making in-kind donations.   

Please consider joining other local businesses in supporting Impact100 SRQ’s mission to provide transformational grants to our local nonprofit organizations

Corporate Sponsorship

Businesses are invited to underwrite or contribute to various Impact100 SRQ annual events such as the Big Reveal, Meet the Finalists, and our Annual Celebration. 

During the event that your company sponsors, public acknowledgement will be make of your generous contribution, and our website and event invitation will feature your company’s name and/or logo. Please contact Community Engagement for more information on how you can become a sponsor of Impact100 SRQ. 

Employee Sponsorship

Support your employee in becoming a member of Impact100 SRQ by making a fully tax-deductible contribution of $1,000 for her annual giving year membership.  100% of all membership dollars go directly toward funding nonprofit grants. Alternatively, your employee can contribute what she is able toward her $1,000 membership and you can match her financial commitment, allowing for a full membership opportunity.

To sponsor your employee or match her contribution, please fill out the online Member Sponsor Form.

In-Kind Donation

In-kind donations for products and services always make a big impact. Contributions such as event venues, décor, supplies, catering, food and beverage donations, and professional and printing services all greatly help to keep our essential operating expenses low. 

Businesses who can meet these needs to generously support Impact100 SRQ will receive recognition on our website. For more information, please contact Community Engagement.