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Women Collectively Making A Significant Impact In Our Community

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Impact100 SRQ is a women's collective giving organization. By aggregating our members' $1,000 donation, we are able to fund high impact, transformational grants. We believe by joining our time, talents, and resources, we can make a greater impact in strengthening our community.

We realize that $1,000 is a stop and think amount to give. That is by design. The goal is that each member feels connected to her giving and to the transformational grants that are funded because of her donation.

We accept payment by personal check, Zelle and credit card.  You can also pay via family foundations, donor-advised funds and stock donations.

  • Zelle payments can be made to: treasurer@impact100
  • Foundation and donor-advised funds will need the following information:
    • Impact100 SRQ is a 501(c) (3) organization
    • EIN: 82-1754541
    • Mailing address:  PO Box 49887 Sarasota, FL  34230
  • If you wish to make a stock donation, please contact for details.

Your contribution may be eligible for a matching gift from your employer!

100% of your donation goes toward grant funding. Your entire $1000 donation will go to a deserving nonprofit through a democratic voting process by our members at the Annual Award Celebration in November.

Join at 110% to keep us Self Sustaining! A little goes a long way...Impact100 SRQ relies on the generosity and support of our members to help Keep Impact Self Sustaining (K.I.S.S), and we ask all members to consider joining as a 110% member. This additional 10% gift ($100 contribution) goes directly to offset our growing chapter operational expenses and helps us pay for various activities and required expenses including Marketing and Promotional Campaigns, Website and Database maintenance, Software License Fees (including Submittable which is used for the annual grant review process), Zoom App, Insurance Fees, Storage Expenses, Postage, and more.

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100% Member

100% of your $1000 donation will go to a deserving nonprofit through a democratic voting process at our annual awards celebration in November.

$1,000 CHECK or Zelle

$1,030 CREDIT CARD ($30 credit card processing fee)

110% Member

$1000 of your donation will go to a deserving nonprofit through a democratic voting process at our annual awards celebration in November, and $100 of your donation will go to help fund various operational costs for Impact100 SRQ. 

$1,100 CHECK or Zelle

$1,130 CREDIT CARD ($30 credit card processing fee)

110% members donate $1,100 for her membership fee – $100 of which goes towards helping to fund our administrative needs.

Because 100% of your membership donation goes towards funding grants, there is a $30 convenience if you wish to pay via Credit Card.

Membership in Impact100 SRQ implies your permission to use photographic, audiovisual and written works containing your image and name by Impact100 SRQ and its agents.

For more information about membership contact

PLEASE NOTE: Impact100 SRQ does not provide any goods or services in consideration for this gift. Your gift is fully tax-deductible as allowed by law. As required by law, Impact100 SRQ  has exclusive legal control over the contributed assets. All donations are final and may not be refunded.