Impact 100 SRQ

Nonprofit Wish Lists

2022 Nonprofit Wish Lists

Impact100 SRQ‘s support of our community nonprofits doesn‘t stop with our grant recipients. All of our nonprofit grant finalists submit a wish list of items that could benefit their organization.  These wish lists are available for one year and provide the community an opportunity to fund these nonprofit applicant‘s wishes. Requests from our finalists range from seeking volunteers to the need for both small and large ticket items.

 If you wish to donate an item from one of the wish lists, please contact the nonprofit representative listed via email or phone.  Let them know that you are calling regarding the wish list provided to Impact100 SRQ.  You will need to confirm that the item(s) that you wish to donate from the list has not yet been fulfilled.  You will then schedule with the nonprofit any logistics involved to complete your fulfillment of the wish list.  The nonprofit will then notify Impact100 SRQ that an item has been fulfilled and it will be marked on the wish list as such. 

Conservation Foundation of the

Gulf Coast, Inc.

Impact100 SRQ 2022 Environment & Recreation finalist wish list

Sarasota African American

Cultural Coalition

Impact100 SRQ 2022 Arts & Culture finalist wish list

Safe Place and

Rape Crisis Center, Inc.

Impact100 SRQ 2022 Family finalist wish list